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When you partner with us, our Rocket Talent Precision
System will help you with:


( The top 2% )

  • Tap into a comprehensive database that, based on your needs, identifies the top 2% of Marketing Growth or Product Growth talent.
  • Benefit from deep vetting of prospects and candidates via our Top Performance Attribute Model, insights from our Growth & Product Advisory Board, and back-channel reviews


(Increase Speed to Hire and Visibility)

  • Gain greater visibility and faster engagement with senior-level Marketing and Growth Product talent via our multi-touch nurturing system
  • Hire top-tier talent who can hit the ground running and release quality products to market more rapidly


(Decrease Recruitment Costs/Value)

  • Targeting passive candidates helps you avoid getting into bidding wars with multiple companies
  • Our 360° mentorship and extended guarantee provide your hire with the support system they need to succeed

Hire the top 2% of Growth & Product Talent

Hiring exceptional senior-level product or growth talent is a must for any B2C company. With the right leader(s) in place, you can launch strong products successfully and have the right growth strategy in place to scale your customer base without burning through money in the process. The Rocket Talent Precision System is an innovative 10-step solution specifically built for well funded growth oriented B2C and B2B companies designed to help you overcome the challenges hiring the Top 2% of Growth and Product Talent. We put you in touch with vetted high-performing growth/product candidates, enabling you to fill vacancies faster and better with quality hires.


We’re the answer for your hiring and career needs. Rocket Talent is where leading growth/product talent and elite startups in the biggest tech cities connect to do great work together.

The Rocket Talent Precision System

Step 1

Intake Analysis
We discuss and evaluate your needs and get buy-in from internal stake-holders.

Step 2

Talent Mapping
We build a candidate profile based on your needs and then use our comprehensive database, which maps out 92.7% of the B2C growth marketing and product talent, to pinpoint the top 2% of talent in your target market best suited for your company.

Step 3

Prospect Targeting
We engage top talent weekly via our content system (podcasts, webinars, newsletters, emails, and polls) and keep track of their interests. This enables us to rapidly identify whom should be targeted for your role

Step 4

Multi-Touch System Activation
Within 24 hours, we activate our automated platform. Over the next two weeks, our seven-touch system which achieves a response rate of over 70% will contact qualified prospects on an ongoing basis

Step 5

Top Attribute Deep Dive
Once prospects respond, we use our customizable Top Attribute Performance Model, which prioritizes the traits and experience you consider most valuable, to thoroughly vet them.

Step 6

Back-Channel Reviews
Thanks to the extended network of our expert Growth Marketing and Product Advisory teams-which has built teams at StreetEasy, Microsoft, PayPal, and OnDeck, Living Social-we can easily and discreetly back channel any prospects/candidates to ensure you make a quality hire.

Step 7

Candidate Presentation
We give you a list with a maximum of 10 vetted candidates, saving you from wasting time on resumes and interviews with ill-matched candidates.

Step 8

Interview Preparation
We help facilitate a successful interview process by handling the scheduling and providing you with detailed insights into the candidates and their motivations.

Step 9

Offer Acceptance and On boarding Coaching
We guide you through the on-boarding process, covering counter-offers, start dates, and, where applicable, relocation.

Step 10

360° Mentorship
We pair each of our placements with a proven product or growth leader respectively for mentorship, and we regularly check in with our placements to support their success and provide assistance as needed.

Benefits Of Using A Proven
Recruiting System

When you partner with us, our Rocket Talent Precision
System will help you with:

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