Your talent and focus have gotten you this far. Now it’s time for a job that sets you up for the next level of professional success: the career-making, game-changing kind.

Not just any job will cut it. You have high standards. We do too.

Product Managers We Work With

You’ve built and scaled a notable product that has yielded at least $5 million in revenue. Process-defining and problem-solving are your specialties. And you always think about your customer.

We’d love to discuss your career aspirations

Data Professionals We Work With

You’ve built and scaled an analytics, data science, or data engineering operation at a notable company with complex data challenges. And data isn’t everything to you — it’s the only thing.

We’d love to discuss your career aspirations.

How We Help You

Transforming careers is what we do at Rocket Talent. We know what you mean when you say your current job is fine but you’re open to something exceptional. You’re interested in a position that pays you more for the value you bring. Or you want a role that gives you more ownership, responsibility, and the chance to make a bigger impact. Or you want to check out the tech scene in another city.

We also understand wanting to make changes when your current job falls short of your needs. Reorganizations, shifts in culture, and pivots can leave you feeling disconnected from the company vision. As can working in product or data at a company that takes neither as seriously as it should.

Whatever your situation, whatever your goals, Rocket Talent is ready to help.


Thinking about your next big role? Craving a new project? Looking for full-time work? Want to like Mondays again? After 10 years of transforming hundreds of careers, we know exactly how to help you get what you want when you want it.

We’ll leverage our relationships within the tech sector to help you find the right job for your career needs. That means we’ll only ever show you roles with proven companies, hiring managers and winning cultures. You know, things you wish your last recruiter (or job board) did.


Partner with Rocket Talent today, and get access to community-related networking events, podcasts and content. It’s members-only, and it’s a great way to learn, stay informed and network with other members of the tech community.

Companies We Work With

At Rocket Talent, we only work with companies that are mission-driven, employee-focused, and transforming their industries in exciting ways. They’re well-funded startups, high-growth companies and innovative, mature organizations — all with a focus on product, data and technology and proven business models.

We’re proud to have an elite roster of B2B, B2C, and SaaS clients working in fintech, ad/marketing tech, ed tech, security, and other dynamic industries.

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