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If You Are

Recently Raised Funding and scaling out your Growth/Product Team

Optimizing your Marketing Conversion Funnel

Looking for a leader to Maximize Your Growth Spend and Reduce Churn

Launching New Products and need help Nailing Product Market Fit

Need help tracking Multi Channel Attribution

If you need to hire the best senior level growth & product talent

Companies with strong growth and product teams are 50% faster to market and efficient with marketing spend

Customer-driven companies are 60% more profitable than their peers.

The Problems with Traditional Recruitment Methods

Finding People on LinkedIn and sending emails

  • The average response rate to InMail and email is 8%–12%
  • 50% of responses aren’t serious meaning only Only 4 out of every 100 candidates contacted will hop on the phone

Internal Recruitment

  • Internal recruitment teams aren’t exclusively filling growth marketing/product roles and are spread thin on time, resources and tools such as nurturing
  • With lack of knowledge in Growth/Product and the time it takes to pipeline the highly demanded talent you can waste time and miss targets

Other External Agencies

  • Agency databases have access to, on average, 30% of the growth or product talent market which is often 30-50% likely out of date
  • Recruitment consultants often focus on easy-to-fill roles in order to get their commission and lack the understanding to effectively qualify the complex and technical needs within modern growth & product teams.

Posting Jobs Online Marketplaces Like Hired or Underdog

  • Postings only reach the 10% of growth/product talent who are actively seeking work. Remaining 90% are out of Reach
  • Job marketplaces, like Vettery and Hired, and lead lists put you in front of average candidates that every other company is talking to resulting into bidding wars and increased recruitment costs for average talent.

Cold Calling

  • Calling success depends entirely on the skills of the recruiter Novice recruiters can sink your success rate to less than 5% damaging your employer brand!

Without top talent, your growth, conversion process and retention is likely to suffer – costing you revenue, resources, time and more. Unfortunately, hiring exceptional senior-level growth/product talent is a challenging process, and traditional recruitment methods don’t work.

The Solution

The Solution Hire the top 2% of Growth & Product Talent

The Rocket Talent Precision System is an innovative 10-step solution specifically built for venture-backed and growth oriented B2C and B2B SaaS growth companies designed to help you land the top 2% of Talent

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Hiring will only grow more challenging as Product and Growth Marketing openings are predicted to increase by 14% year-over-year, eclipsing the expansion of the talent pool.