Wednesday July 8th, 2020

11am Est


Marketing trends have never been so erratic on the digital front. Consumer traffic patterns are changing daily, meanwhile brands are raising digital spend budgets resulting in more competitive bids. Expert Marjorie Chelius, Director of User Acquisition at Native, has agreed to reveal analytical insights gleaned from managing millions in ad spend during this time of change. Her company has uncovered ad optimization strategies, LTV patterns, churn reduction techniques, and seasonal trends across various D2C companies.

Learn how to:

  • Remain competitive in the new digital advertising landscape
  • Identify scaling risks while emerging from uncertain times
  • Evaluate new methods for growth and reducing churn

Your Hosts

Marjorie Chelius
Director of User Acquisition

Marjorie is a brand obsessive who’s spent her career launching and growing consumer businesses. She cut her teeth in consulting, built marketing at seed start-ups, and led iconic billion-dollar brands. Today, she leads customer acquisition for a brand that’s redefining what we put on our bodies. Marjorie deeply believes in staying close to the consumer. She won’t compromise on having a profitable business model or a compelling value prop people will spend money on. Consumers are totally irrational, so this is a constant challenge that she loves. Mastery of fundamentals and constant improvement are her leading drivers.

Jonathan Spiess
Managing Partner RocketTalent

Jonathan has ran and staffed global remote growth teams for the last 7 years.

From 2009, he immersed himself with Strategy/Talent Acquisition and built numerous high growth global recruitment teams.  His marketing growth placements contributed to companies that are now worth hundreds of millions to billions in revenue. He’s passionate about helping founders/executives and leaders hire world class teams to reach their vision.