EPISODE 07: Not all FinTech Companies are evil and engineering leadership lessons from the VP of Engineering at STASH

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Fintech companies present interesting challenges for software engineers, but they often get written off as engines for the perpetuation of wealth. But Cliff Hazelton, VP of Engineering at STASH, reminds us that it doesn’t need to be this way.

STASH is focused on helping average, first-time investors manage their money, facilitating the democratization of wealth in society in the meantime. It’s a great example of how there’s more to some Fintech companies than meets the eye, and that there are opportunities to combine the thrill of overcoming challenging technical problems with the joy of helping regular people live better lives.

Cliff’s path was a challenging one, but it was defined by growth and learning. Join us and on this episode of the Rocket Talent podcast to hear about Cliff’s journey and to learn how some of the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned early in his career prepared him to jump on the right opportunity when it finally came his way.

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