EPISODE 1: The Growth Suite Leadership Podcast Special COVID19 Edition with Miriam Kendall

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption to the country, and many companies in the D2C (Direct to Consumer) Industry.

Executive leadership needs to step up to the plate now more than ever. Growth Marketing & Digital Marketing Leaders need to be especially nimble when uncertainty is the rule and not the exception. All businesses, whether D2C or B2B growth companies, are facing a slew of new challenges.

For this new special edition podcast series, we’ve spoken with hundreds of Growth Marketing Leaders to discuss what it means to lead as a growth marketing executive in the face of adversity and the new COVID 19 norm. With this series, we hope to help other marketing executives and growth marketing leaders navigate these unprecedented times.

How can a Growth Marketing Executive ensure that everyone stays calm and connected, and that revenue/growth objectives are still met?

In this episode, Rocket Talent CEO Jonathan Speiss speaks with Miriam Kendall, SVP of Marketing at Makespace, a full-service storage tech startup. She has nimbly worked through economic catastrophes in the past and is showing remarkable leadership as she guides Makespace through these uniquely challenging times. Miriam shared with us how Makespace has adapted its operations to the new normal, with promising results for other Marketing D2C leaders to take note.

Listen in to hear how Miriam has found new customers as a result of the pandemic, adapted to these unprecedented challenges to manage her team remotely and reshaped the company’s marketing message.


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